Green Turquoise and Sterling Silver Ring

The Silver Forge – Unique Handcrafted Custom Sterling Silver and Gemstone Jewellery

Welcome! The Silver Forge is a small independent business in which I make my unique sterling silver jewellery available to purchase. Handcrafted earrings, rings, pendants; custom bespoke gemstone jewellery commissions are all available.

Green Turquoise and Sterling Silver Ring

All my pieces are made entirely by hand using traditional methods and hand tools in my own studio at home. Each piece starts life as a throw of silver, which is turned into either sheet or wire by rolling and/or drawing.  From there, anything is possible!

I welcome any enquiries, feedback and constructive criticism – and of course purchases if anything takes your fancy. I am happy to take custom orders for any jewellery in silver or gold you would like made, and I’d be pleased to work with you to create with a design for your dream piece.

My great-great-great grandfather, my great-great uncle and my great-grandfather were blacksmiths, so I like to think that I’m carrying on the family smithing tradition in a small way!

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