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Story of a Beautiful Tree

I bought the most divine wooden tree puzzle from my lovely friend, Kylie, and it lives in my study where it brings me joy each day! I was inspired so much by it, that I asked Kylie how she would feel if I were to borrow her beautiful tree design for the ‘Earth’ symbol in my new Elementals range. She kindly agreed to let me! I feel honoured both that she was happy for me to use her gorgeous tree shape, and that she liked the pendant I created so much that she bought it! Below is a blog post that she wrote about it. You can read it in full over at Kylie’s Raw Toys website!


From Puzzle to Pendant

Back when I first started my little shop, I made a handful of two piece tree puzzles. I sold most of them and have not felt inclined to make more so I discontinued them. Out of the blue, I received an email from my silversmithing friend, Ruthie, from The Silver Forge, asking my permission to use the design from one of these trees she had purchased a while back for an idea she had in mind.
It’s no secret how much I adore Ruthie’s work, so as you can imagine, I was thrilled with the idea! Here is the original tree puzzle belonging to Ruthie:
And here is her finished piece.. my tree design as a stunning silver pendant!
I developed an instant crush on this pendant and decided that I neeeded to be it’s owner. The beautiful tree pendant and I are now insperable and it’s especially perfect that it features my birthstone, the peridot. Thank you so much, Ruthie, I treasure each of the beautiful creations of yours that I’m lucky enough to own – you are a rockstar!
Thank you so much, Kylie!