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Peridot and Sterling Silver Family Intials Pendant

Peridot and Sterling Silver Family Initials Pendant

My good friend Narelle asked if I could create a pendant for her to give to a good friend of hers.

Peridot and Sterling Silver Family Initials Pendant

Narelle sent me some sketches of ideas she had, and we agreed on this design, which incorporates the first initial of the name of each of the members of the family.

Peridot and Sterling Silver Family Initials Pendant

I’m pleased with the way this one turned out, I think it’s effective – and I do love peridot! Thanks, Nez!

Story of a Beautiful Tree

I bought the most divine wooden tree puzzle from my lovely friend, Kylie, and it lives in my study where it brings me joy each day! I was inspired so much by it, that I asked Kylie how she would feel if I were to borrow her beautiful tree design for the ‘Earth’ symbol in my new Elementals range. She kindly agreed to let me! I feel honoured both that she was happy for me to use her gorgeous tree shape, and that she liked the pendant I created so much that she bought it! Below is a blog post that she wrote about it. You can read it in full over at Kylie’s Raw Toys website!


From Puzzle to Pendant

Back when I first started my little shop, I made a handful of two piece tree puzzles. I sold most of them and have not felt inclined to make more so I discontinued them. Out of the blue, I received an email from my silversmithing friend, Ruthie, from The Silver Forge, asking my permission to use the design from one of these trees she had purchased a while back for an idea she had in mind.
It’s no secret how much I adore Ruthie’s work, so as you can imagine, I was thrilled with the idea! Here is the original tree puzzle belonging to Ruthie:
And here is her finished piece.. my tree design as a stunning silver pendant!
I developed an instant crush on this pendant and decided that I neeeded to be it’s owner. The beautiful tree pendant and I are now insperable and it’s especially perfect that it features my birthstone, the peridot. Thank you so much, Ruthie, I treasure each of the beautiful creations of yours that I’m lucky enough to own – you are a rockstar!
Thank you so much, Kylie!