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Pantone – 2017 Autumn Colours

The ever wonderful colour gurus Pantone have changed things up a little with their 2017 Autumn fashion colour palette. They’ve made a New York AND a London release! As I’m more of a London girl, I’ve found some fabulous matches for you in my gemstone collection for these great London colours.

If you see a gemstone you like the look of and you’d like me to create you a custom piece, let me know!

Pantone – 2017 Spring Colours

Spring has sprung – and so have Pantone’s 2017 Spring colours. Find yourself some up to the moment fashionable stones in my gemstone collection!

Pantone Spring 2017

If you see a gemstone you like the look of and you’d like me to create you a custom piece, let me know.


I bet this is a fabulous read!

Pantone – 2016 Autumn Colours

Pantone’s  Autumn colours for 2016. are here. I love the idea of classifying and naming every colour in the world, and I also love to show you which stones in my gemstone collection match the latest in fashion choices!

Pantone Gemstones Fall 2016 (1)

Pantone Fashion Colours Autumn 2016

Pantone Gemstones Fall 2016 (2)

If you see a gemstone you like the look of, and you’d like me to create you a custom piece, let me know.

Pantone Board Books

Meanwhile, how cute are these Pantone board books? Gorgeous!

Pantone – 2016 Spring Colours

Pantone have just released their Spring Colours for 2016. I’m ready with some divine gemstones to match this fashion report!

Pantone Spring 2016

If you see a gemstone you like the look of, and you’d like me to create you a custom piece, let me know.

Pantone Colour of the Year 2016

Pantone’s ‘‪‎Color Of The Year’‬ for 2016 is, for the first time ever, a blend of two shades: ‎Rose Quartz‬ & ‎Serenity‬, which you can see above. A serene and peaceful feel, just what the world needs right now. Imagine what gorgeous pieces you could have with a combination of these two!

Pantone Mugs


Pantone – 2015 Autumn Colours

The latest fashion release from Pantone is their autumn colours for 2015. As always, I like to do a little match with my gemstone collection!

Pantone Autumn 2015 Coloured Stones

Pantone Autumn 2015 Colours

If you see a gemstone you like the look of, and you’d like me to create you a custom piece, let me know.

A quick note about the 5th colour from the left – it is Marsala, which Pantone selected as their colour of the year for 2015. I am underwhelmed. 🙁 Happily though, there are many other colours that we can enjoy! 🙂

Pantone Bottles




Pantone – 2015 Spring Colours

Pantone have released their gorgeous palette for Spring 2015, and because spring is here already in the Southern Hemisphere, we can get in early. Lucky us! I love a bit of Pantone colour, as you can see from my previous blog posts hereherehere and here.

Divine soft colours seem to rule this time:

Pantone Spring 2015

As always, I’ve looked through my gemstone collection and matched these spring tone gemstones for you. If any of these gemstones appeal, let me know and I can create you something beautiful to go with your latest Spring wardrobe.

Pantone Spring 2015 Gemstones

I was quite taken with this colourful Pantone iconic cartoon character guessing game recently created by Y&R, Shanghai. It’s called “There can be only one”. Who can you pick out?

Pantone Cartoon Characters


Pantone – 2014 Autumn Colours

Autumn is on its way, and Pantone have released the next round of the latest colour trends! I’ve raved about Pantone colour in some previous blog posts herehere and here. And as you can see, I’m still loving the concept. I’m not sure how many of these colours I’ll be wearing this autumn, but you never know!


Pantone Autumn 2014 Colours
Pantone Gemstones Fall 2014


I’ve browsed my gemstone collection and matched these autumn colours – if any of these gemstones appeal to you, let me know and I can create you something beautiful to go with your latest Autumn fashion choices. And you can always go with Phosphosiderite for that Radiant Orchid splash!


Phosphosiderite and Amethyst Sterling Silver Amorphia Pendant


Because Autumn brings the need for more cups of tea, I found these mugs which are Pantone inspired:


(available from Suck UK)

(available from Suck UK)


Hehehe – mine’s somewhere between Classic British and Builder’s Brew, thanks! 🙂

Pantone – 2014 Spring Colours

Spring has sprung.. and with it, the release of the latest Pantone colour trends!

Pantone Spring 2014 Colours

 Some of you will recall my longstanding love of the whole idea of Pantone colour from my previous blog posts here and here. The ambitious and slightly crazy idea that you could catalogue and name the entire universe’s colours is pretty cool!

Pantone Spring 2014 Colours - Gemstones

 You’ll see I’ve taken some small liberties with colour matching my gemstone collection here (poor Freesia, I totally love the smell of you, but don’t have a gemstone to completely match that colour – nor for you, Sand!), but on the whole I think I’ve got Spring 2014 pretty well covered. If any of these lovelies appeal to you, and you’d like a custom ring or pendant, let me know and I can create you something beautiful!

By the way, I think I need one of these:

Pantone Rubiks

‘The Rubitone’ (credit ~ and kudos ~ to Ignacio Pilotto)

Surely this cube belongs in Geek paradise!

Pantone – 2013 Autumn Colours

Ahhh, my love affair with Pantone continues. It’s one-sided, sure, but who wouldn’t want a never ending set of Pantone storage boxes to make your life complete?

Pantone Storage Boxes

The recent release of the 2013 Pantone ‘Fall’ colours is a bit exciting!!  Emerald is the Pantone colour of the year, and I’m loving those more muted but still funky autumn tones.  There’s not one I wouldn’t wear!!

Pantone Autumn 2013 Colours

I’ve looked through my gemstone collection, and here’s a few suggestions for having your own unique piece made, and being on trend this autumn. Contact me if you love one of these stones and want it for your very own!

Pantone Gemstones Fall 2013

Contented sigh…. I love colour. Still! 🙂

Pantone – who could resist!

I remember when I first learned of the existence of colour swatch books that held what seemed to be every colour in the universe.  What a revelation! How exciting to flip through, and so much browsing and dreaming and marvelling to be done! (And who knew there were five trillion shades of white?) Pantone brought you all the colour you could ever need.

Then, they brought out bone china coffee mugs in vibrant colours, each one representing a chip from the Pantone colour chart. I coveted one, but who could choose which colour to have!

Pantone Mug -Mushy Pea

Recently, I’ve become aware that Pantone release a fashion colour pallette each season.  OOOOOHHHHH!!!

This is the Spring 2013 collection. OK, so this is a northern hemisphere-centric range, and I live in Australia where it is already spring, but I think there’s something here for everyone!

I think I’ve got most of these gorgeous colours just about covered in my gemstone stash,  just waiting to be picked out and set in some gorgeous big ring or pendant.  I’m glad to see I’m on the right fashion track!

I love colour!!