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Pantone – 2015 Spring Colours

Pantone have released their gorgeous palette for Spring 2015, and because spring is here already in the Southern Hemisphere, we can get in early. Lucky us! I love a bit of Pantone colour, as you can see from my previous blog posts hereherehere and here.

Divine soft colours seem to rule this time:

Pantone Spring 2015

As always, I’ve looked through my gemstone collection and matched these spring tone gemstones for you. If any of these gemstones appeal, let me know and I can create you something beautiful to go with your latest Spring wardrobe.

Pantone Spring 2015 Gemstones

I was quite taken with this colourful Pantone iconic cartoon character guessing game recently created by Y&R, Shanghai. It’s called “There can be only one”. Who can you pick out?

Pantone Cartoon Characters