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Flipside Fiesta Raffle Winner!

As I mentioned in my previous post on Flipside Circus,  I was happy to donate a custom made handcrafted sterling silver and drusy agate ring for the recent Flipside Fiesta fundraising raffle.

John was the lucky winner, and he unveiled the prize for his wife Robby at Christmas time. I recently visited them both in their lovely home, and Robby chose her favourite gemstone from my collection – it wasn’t drusy after all, but I didn’t mind a bit!

Unakite and Sterling Silver Ring 2

This gorgeous stone is Unakite – I’ll do an in-depth post about that later.  For now, it’s a natural stone, and isn’t it pretty!!!

Unakite and Sterling Silver Ring 1

Congratulations, John and Robby, well done on supporting such a great and worthy cause; and Robby, I hope you enjoy wearing your ring!!

Flipside Circus!


The truth is I came across Flipside because I was looking for somewhere to learn to ride my unicycle. (Yes, I have one, and I had tried to ride it on and off, and hadn’t quite gotten it together.) I was looking online (as you do) and found this fabulous circus space, just around the corner from where I live! 

Flipside Circus Logo

Flipside is a not-for-profit, community based organisation who provide an extensive circus program with an exciting range of circus activities geared around empowering children.

Flipside Acrobats

Its primary goal is providing a fun, non-competitive and safe environment for young people to build their strength, fitness, coordination and self-confidence through learning basic circus skills. 

Flipside Ropes

I enrolled my son straight away. We love our weekly fun at  Flipside, all our lovely trainers are so kind, gentle and patient with the children, and it’s marvellous to watch the little ones blossoming and gaining confidence each week.  Even the littlies get to go on the trapeze, the tissu, the tightrope and the tramp – just like the bigger kids.  There are heaps of different activites each time, and we both get so much out of it (if you’re taking your little one, grown-ups can join in too!)

Flipside Wheel

On 9 December, Flipside Circus held their annual Flipside Fiesta – a fun fundraising day for all their circus families. I was very happy to support Flipside with a Silver Forge raffle prize donation – the winner of the prize received a custom handcrafted ring, made by yours truly.  More on that later!

Flipside Green Legs

The unicycle?  Well, I still haven’t managed to master that just yet, but Flipside do run classes for adults, so if I can schedule my family around it, that might be my next adventure!! 🙂