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Australian Wandarrah Secret Santa

I signed up to participate in a Secret Santa swap which is taking place on the Australian Wandarrah Etsy team I belong to. Look what arrived in the mail – this gorgeous parcel!

Australian Wandarrah Secret Santa

When I opened it, here’s what I found inside:

Australian Wandarrah Secret Santa

Yes, it really did feel like Christmas.. and even better, a nice early Christmas! And LOOK what was inside the parcel:

Australian Wandarrah Secret Santa

Oh, how lucky am I? What totally divine Christmas ornaments, and such a beautiful key fob! The handstitching is immaculate, and these gorgeous goodies are obviously made with such love and care.

Of course, when you get a Secret Santa present, it’s just second nature to want to know who it’s from – so with a little detective work, I discovered that the creator of these handcrafted delights is Nari from Nari Design Pot!

NariDesignPot - Christmas Fish

Nari’s shop is filled with divine handmade creations – as well as these lovely Christmas ornaments, she has many other treasures.

NariDesignPot - Jigsaw Brooch

You really should check them out – I bet there’s something there for a few people on your Christmas list! You can find Nari on FaceBook, too.

NariDesignPot - Green Heart

Thank you SO much, Nari – you really made my day with your thoughtfulness, and your divinely made creations. I hope your Secret Santa is as good to you as you were to me!

My First Ever Front Page Etsy Treasury!

I was very excited yesterday to discover that a treasury I curated had made it to the front page of Etsy Australia!  For those who might not know, Etsy is an online handmade marketplace, where thousands of individual sellers host their own shops, and millions of fabulous handcrafted or vintage items can be drooled over (and bought).  (My shop can be found here, if you haven’t been already!)

Etsy members can curate online collections of sixteen items each, called a treasury. Selected treasuries are displayed on the front page of Etsy each day. Recently I’ve been making lots of them, in part because a couple of Etsy teams I belong to curate as a means of promotion, but mainly because it’s a great way to window shop and come across marvellous things you would never otherwise have seen!  Each of my treasuries has a theme, be it a particular item that the treasury is built around, or something I love, or a colour scheme. It’s very zen and quite addictive!! I find myself thinking in curator mode as I walk around IRL. 🙂

Anyway, enough background, on with the tale! I belatedly discovered that one of my treasuries was chosen to appear on the front page! Very exciting, and quite an accolade!  The only sad moment was that I wasn’t online while it was on display, so missed seeing it. 🙁

Autumn Shades

 Never mind, I was very happy, and hope that the lovely sellers whom I chose to feature in it were happy too. I’m hoping another of my curated collections is selected to appear on the front page soon! Now, off to Etsy to do some more dreaming and drooling. 🙂



‘Winged Grey and Gold Horse’ (articulated decoration and photograph by Emma Kidd)


Pegasus ACT – Riding for the Disabled is a not for profit community organisation situated in Canberra, Australia.

Started by local horsewoman Bid Williams in around 1973, and having an interesting history for the last 40 years, Pegasus provide equestrian activities for people with disabilities with the help and support of volunteers and the local community.

Their programs assist both children and adults, physically, emotionally and socially. Apart from being fun, horse riding helps to improve co-ordination, balance, muscle development and fitness.  It also boosts personal confidence, self-esteem, communication skills, leadership and trust.


Pegasus (photograph by Heide Smith)

Pegasus are unfortunately struggling with a financial crisis, and may be unable to stay open past September 2013 unless they receive an increase in public donations, and a much needed boost to their funding from the Government.

Being from Canberra myself, I was happy to find that an Australian Etsy team I’m part of are doing some fundraising for this worthy cause. I will be listing two pairs of earrings, the proceeds from which will be donated to Pegasus.

Black Fire Earrings. Sterling Silver Fire Polished Czech Glass Modern Contemporary Earrings.


Head on over to the Etsy fundraising page, and check out the earrings and all the other items that are being sold as part of the fundraising campaign. Who knows what handmade treasure you might find, and be able to purchase to help?

Pink Czech Glass and Sterling Silver Earrings

Thanks, Pegasus, for your tireless and wonderful work!

Birthstones – Ancient Times

As far back as the 15th century, we have been wearing birthstones.  A more traditional list by month:

January – Garnet

February – Hyacinth

March – Heliotrope

April – Diamond

May – Emerald

June – Chrysoberyl

July – Onyx

August – Carnelian

September – Chrysolite

October – Aquamarine

November – Topaz

December – Ruby

I love that we had gemstones called heliotrope and hyacinth!

Credit to my fellow Etsians KK Gemstones, rubytrail, gemsforjewels, jenniferlovebeads, gemsbynehaABeadConnectionand PureSpiritCrystals for their beautiful gemstone photos.  Be sure to check out their Etsy shops!

Birthstones – Britain’s National Association of Goldsmiths 1937

January – Garnet

February – Amethyst

March – Aquamarine

April – Diamond

May – Emerald

June – Pearl


July – Ruby

August – Peridot

September – Sapphire

October – Opal

November – Topaz

December – Turquoise

These are the traditional gem birthstones, by month, as listed by the Britain’s National Association of Goldsmiths in 1937, mostly shown here in their beautiful raw form.  Stay tuned for other birthstone posts! 

Credit to my fellow Etsians KK GemstonesCrystalSeen, AMDBeaditbeadstore, Little Crow Gems, FabbyDabby Stones , Coyote Rainbow and Allison Eastman Beads for their beautiful gemstone photos.  Be sure to check out their Etsy shops!