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Doming Block and Punch Set

For a long time, I have been coveting a doming block. For Christmas this year, my lovely husband gave me a beautiful set, including a 80mm square block and 12 punches.

Doming Block Set

Love a man who knows what you REALLY want – thank you sweetheart!!


Also known as a dapping block, and made from stainless steel, this doming block makes it easy to turn flat sheets of silver into beautifully curved domes.


This great tool makes it possible to create everything from a slight curve to a full semi-circle:

Grey Moonstone and Sterling Silver Dome Lidded Ring

which means that I can make spheres, too.

Garnet Ball Pendant

I’ve only just touched the tip of the iceberg. The possibilities are endless! Check out my current domed pieces – and stay tuned for more fabulous creations.