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Cancer, The Crab, is the fourth symbol of the Zodiac. Anyone born between 22 June and 22 July is born under this sign. Cancer the Crab comes from part of a tale of the twelve labours of Hercules – his battle with the Hydra. It is a cardinal sign, and is ruled by the Moon. Its symbol is  Cancer, representing the crab’s claws. Cancer is one of the four water signs.

Zodiac Water Sign Blue Topaz Set Wave Pendant

Moonstone is one of the traditional stones for Cancer. Moonstone is believed to bring good fortune, assist in foretelling the future, enhance intuition, promote inspiration, bring success in love as well as business matters, and offes protection on land and at sea.

June - Moonstone

Another stone traditionally assigned to Cancer is Emerald. Emeralds are said to protect lovers from unfaithfulness, and improve one’s memory and intelligence.

May - Emerald

Key words for people born under the sign of Cancer are said to be: Emotional type, stubborn, seeks safety and closeness. Cancers are very much family people. Cancer rules the chest, breasts, stomach and alimentary canal.

Cancer Moonstone and Sterling Silver Zodiac Pendant

Cancerians share their sign with such notables as the Dalai Lama, Emmeline Pankhurst and Marc Chagall. You can shop for a Cancer pendant in my Celestials Collection in The Silver Forge Shop.