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Inspiration – Antoni Gaudi

My sister first introduced me to the fantastic architectural works of Antoni Gaudi i Cornet, blogging photos of his creations she visited when she was in Spain.  I think he is the master of all things when it comes to architecture.  His use of fluid, organic lines and beautiful mosaic tiling just blows me away!

I love that he didn’t just design amazing buildings, he had input into everything that went into or onto them. He was skilled in various arts: ceramics,  stained glass, carpentry and wrought iron forging, all of which he incorporated into his beautiful works.

Born in 1852, he was unique, especially in a time which had probably never seen anything remotely like this before!

A truly inspirational man, well worth spending some time immersing yourself in his story and works.

Oh, for a visit to Barcelona to see his work!!  It’s on my list of one day dreams….

Photography: J Gray.