Sterling Silver Knitting Markers

Sterling Silver Knitting Markers

My lovely sister had knitting markers on her Christmas list this year, so I thought I’d have a try at making some silver ones!

Sterling Silver Knitting Markers

I wanted to decorate them with tiny glass beads, but I also wanted to solder them closed so that they wouldn’t catch on the knitting.

Sterling Silver Knitting Markers

I often say you learn something new every day – and that was the day I learned glass (well, those beads, anyway!) will withstand 700⁰C plus temperatures. Seems logical, given that glass is sand, which presumably melts at a higher temperature than that – I was a bit worried to put my theory to the test though! All’s well that ends well – and happy Christmas to my sister!

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4 thoughts on “Sterling Silver Knitting Markers

  1. Juliet

    And they are ridiculously beautiful. Way more beautiful than I ever could have imagined! So thank you, thank you, thank you xxx

  2. Sarah

    These are so beautiful. Have you thought about designing a bracelet that they can be worn on? Or could your lovely holder be worn as a pendent?

    We knitters think of stitchmarkers as knitting jewellery. It would be lovely and practical to be able to wear them. When your knitting calls for a stitch marker, you will have them at hand, especially if you are out and about.

    Please please please stock sets like this in your shop!!

    1. Ruthie Post author

      Sarah, thanks so much for your lovely feedback! I love the idea of ‘knitting jewellery’. I’ll get to the drawing board, and let you know when I’ve created some sets! 🙂

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