Picasso Marble

Picasso Marble Polished Pebbles

Picasso Marble Polished Pebbles (photo credit Blue Apple)

Picasso Marble was created about 100 million years ago when magma pushed its way through fields of limestone, creating colours and patterns which are similar in appearance to Picasso’s art (hence the name).  Most Picasso Marble comes from Utah, USA.

Picasso Marble Rough

Picasso Marble Rough (photo credit Great Rough)

Picasso marble is believed to strengthen self-control, clarity and stablilty; give total recall of dreams and assist in meditation. It apparently helps expand the mind, and aids in the manifestation of physical and material goals. It is believed to help to heal viral infection.

Picasso Marble Sphere

Picasso Marble Sphere (photo credit Wire Sculpture)

I recently made a pendant using a lovely piece of Picasso Marble I sourced.

Black and Grey Picasso Marble Sterling Silver Handcrafted Pendant

I have one other piece in stock at the moment. I love the gorgeous striations and the subtle colours!

Picasso Marble Cabochon

If you like this and and you’d like to have it set in a ring or a pendant, let me know!

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