Pantone – who could resist!

I remember when I first learned of the existence of colour swatch books that held what seemed to be every colour in the universe.  What a revelation! How exciting to flip through, and so much browsing and dreaming and marvelling to be done! (And who knew there were five trillion shades of white?) Pantone brought you all the colour you could ever need.

Then, they brought out bone china coffee mugs in vibrant colours, each one representing a chip from the Pantone colour chart. I coveted one, but who could choose which colour to have!

Pantone Mug -Mushy Pea

Recently, I’ve become aware that Pantone release a fashion colour pallette each season.  OOOOOHHHHH!!!

This is the Spring 2013 collection. OK, so this is a northern hemisphere-centric range, and I live in Australia where it is already spring, but I think there’s something here for everyone!

I think I’ve got most of these gorgeous colours just about covered in my gemstone stash,  just waiting to be picked out and set in some gorgeous big ring or pendant.  I’m glad to see I’m on the right fashion track!

I love colour!!

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