Mick Bradley

Vale Mick Bradley, wonderful man and photographer extraordinaire.

Mick Bradley - London - The Monument

London: The Monument (photo Mick Bradley)

I had the pleasure and the honour of knowing Mick as the father of Morgan (my best and dearest friend since we first met in first grade nearly forty years ago) and her beautiful sisters, Elwyn and Dylan. I recall Mick first from those earlier days, a bohemian and sharply witty man who filled the room with his shine; always with a quick quip or a joke, usually with camera in hand, snapping away, capturing those fleeting moments.

Mick Bradley - Canberra, Murrumbidgee 1984

Canberra, Murrumbidgee 1984 (photo Mick Bradley)

I seem to remember I was there the day this picture was taken, down by the Cotter River where Mick was camping. What an enviable ability to live life to the fullest and to just be himself he seemed to have!

London: Kew Gardens (photo Mick Bradley)

London: Kew Gardens (photo Mick Bradley)

Mick was an international photographer of great repute. The Wakefield Press description of a beautiful book Mick co-created, ‘City Streets – Progessive Adelaide 75 years on’ says “His work bridges the gap between documentary and fine art photography. He was born in London, but came to Australia as a boy, and his images tell stories from our lives from the 1970s on. Mick honed his craft as a fine art printer, darkroom operator and photographer working for studios in Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide and London. He has created a niche for himself in the history of South Australian photography, while his work appears in books, exhibitions and collections throughout this country and in North America and the United Kingdom.”

Mick Bradley - Kangaroo Island South Australia

Kangaroo Island, South Australia (photo Mick Bradley)

Mick’s work spans decades and continents; and transcends this ordinary world, as did Mick himself. As my dear Morgan so beautifully and eloquently put it “He remains in the amazing photographs he took, in the trees, land, sky and water – in the music he loved to listen to and play, and in the people who love him.”

A Private Residence, London (photo Mick Bradley)

A Private Residence, London (photo Mick Bradley)

The world is a smaller and sadder place without him. He is remembered with so much love by so many people and he will live on in his work, and in our hearts. I can only aspire to have my life’s work bring such beauty to so many for so long, and I’m sending peace and love to all of his loved ones in my thoughts.

Mick Bradley - Sturt Highway, Australia

Sturt Highway, Australia (photo Mick Bradley)

His passing from this world makes me more aware that today is the day: “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson).

Vale Mick Bradley – one of the world’s cool guys.

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