Labradorite - zdjęcia Stowarzyszenie Spirifer

Gemstone of the Month – Labradorite

Labradorite is a  type of feldspar consisting of between 30-50% Albite and 50-70% Anorthite. It was named after peninsula of Labrador in Canada, where it was first found.

Labradorite shows labradorescence – a schiller effect in lustrous metallic tints, often blue and green, and sometimes the complete spectrum. This effect is also found in moonstone.

Labradorite and Sterling Silver Ring

Labradorite is believed to stimulate imagination, help develop enthusiasm and to see more clearly in meditation. it is thought to assist with disorders of the eyes and brain and to relieve anxiety.

Green Labradorite and Sterling Silver Ring

It is supposed to balance hormones and relieve menstrual tension; and regulate metabolism. Labradorite is used to treat colds, gout, and rheumatism, lower blood pressure, and aid in digestion.

I have some gorgeous labradorite cabochons just waiting to be turned into beautiful jewellery for you – you can find them in my gemstone collectionLet me know what you’d like created!

Labradorite Wedge Cabochon


Small Labradorite Oval Cabochons

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