Endeavour Foundation 2014 Melbourne Cup Fundraiser

Outburst (photo credit Carolyn Cochrane)

Outburst (photo credit Carolyn Cochrane)


The Endeavour Foundation is one of Queensland’s oldest charities, founded in 1951. It is one of the largest non-government disability service providers in Australia. They support more than 3,400 people with a disability, from 230 locations in Queensland and New South Wales. This year, the Endeavour Foundation are holding their Melbourne Cup Day Fundraising Luncheon on 4th November, and they contacted me to see if I would assist with a donation for this fundraising effort.


Endeavour Luncheon


I’m really pleased to be supporting the Endeavour Foundation again, as I have done before (see here and here).


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It is good to know that in our wide and varied community, those who face the challenges in their daily lives that living with a disability presents are able to be supported and nurtured; advocated for and given opportunities to learn and grow and have their varying needs met. I have donated a raffle prize to assist with Endeavour’s fundraising effort, and I look forward to seeing what the prize winner chooses from The Silver Forge shop!


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