Grey Titanium Coated Drusy Agate Cabochon

Drusy Agate – Grey Titanium Oval Cabochon

The mysterious grey titanium coated drusy agate gemstone cabochon shown here is 28mm long. You can read more about what drusy agate is here.

Agate is traditionally believed to help you to discern truth, improve memory and concentration, increase stamina,  prevent insomnia and ensure pleasant dreams, enhance personal courage, protect you against danger, and provide a calming influence.

The titanium coating is applied to the natural drusy stone using an environmentally friendly process called Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) that uses only electricity to deposit a thin coating (measured in angstroms) of titanium, silver, gold, cobalt or other high-grade natural metallic. The PVD process not only enhances and preserves the natural beauty and durability of druzy, but also the planet and ecosystems that created it.

Treat this titanium druzy as an opal or pearl. A mild soap and water rinse will maintain the color and clarity of the optical surface of your druzy for a lifetime!

I used this cabochon to create this custom piece:

Grey Titanium Coated Drusy Agate and Sterling Silver Ring

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