PLEASE NOTE: At present I have a backlog of orders and am accepting requests for simple gemstone rings, earrings and pendants only. Thanks for your understanding!

Imagine the joy of giving someone special a totally unique gift, or having your very own one-of-a-kind piece! Here’s how it works:

You contact me, and let me know what you would like me to custom make for you or your loved one (i.e. ring, earrings, necklace, etc.)

You let me know if you have a design in mind (i.e. size, shape, gemstone, etc.) Please note, I only work with cabochon cut stones (see my FAQs for more info on that). I am happy to work with your stone if it is suitable; or feel free to browse my gemstone collection.

If there is a time frame you are working to, please let me know. I do my best to fit in orders required by a special day – otherwise I will add you to my normal creative schedule.

If appropriate, let me know what budget you’d like to work within. Email me pictures of similar ideas, rough sketches etc. if you would like to. If you’d like something made, but you’re not sure exactly what or how it will look, we’ll design something together.

We work through the design via email etc. until we are both happy that we are on the same page. I will provide you with a price estimate. I send you an invoice for a 50% deposit before commencing your piece.

I handcraft your piece, and send it to you. You let me know if it is all you dreamed of!!