Large Orange Carnelian Spiral Sterling Silver Ring handcrafted by Ruthie Gray at The Silver Forge

Carnelian Bearing Seat Ring

Carnelian and Sterling Silver Ring

The first project for the goldsmithing course I am doing this year was to design a piece incorporating a bearing seat setting method (a ledge put inside the bezel wall for the stone to sit on), and one or more 12mm or larger stones in either a ring or pendant, with texture.  I fell in love with these carnelian cabochons, and had to use them in my piece!  Carnelians can be quite brown, but these orange ones are just delicious!  I’ve got my eye out for some spessartite garnet cabs which can also be that lovely glowing tangerine colour.

Carnelian and Sterling Silver Ring

It was a great fun project, both the designing and the making of it!  With each project, we have to come up with the concept, do a tech drawing of it, do an art drawing of it, and of course create it.  So much fun!

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