Gemstone of the Month – Blue Chalcedony

Blue chalcedony is a form of silica, comprised of quartz and moganite. It was in use as early as the bronze age, for important items and jewellery. It comes primarily from Africa and Turkey.

Blue chalcedony is believed to be an excellent crystal for public speakers and those who speak for a living, such as lawyers, actors and singers.

Blue Chalcedony Crystals

Blue Chalcedony Crystals (photo credit PristineMinerals)

It is thought to generate peace, encourage stillness and calm in the home, and be good for daily journeys to work, or stressful trips involving children.

I created this ring using some blue chalcedony drops. You can see more about it here.

Peruvian Blue Chalcedony Castle Ring

I have these lovely blue chalcedony cabochons in my gemstone collection, available to be custom made into a pendant or ring for you!

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