Art Nouveau Inspired Silver Earrings

Art Nouveau Inspired Silver Earrings

Even though my usual design style is ‘striving for elegant simplicity’, I actually love the Art Noveau period – so in that vein, I designed these earrings for myself.

Art Nouveau Inspired Silver Earrings

I’ve been wearing them nearly every day since I finished them. I’ve had quite a few comments and requests, so I may even make some more for my shop!

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2 thoughts on “Art Nouveau Inspired Silver Earrings

  1. Carol Stanton

    Hi there,

    Did you make any of the Art Nouveau Earrings for the shop?
    My older sister would love them! As would I!


    1. Ruthie Post author

      Hi Carol!

      I’m glad you like these earrings! I haven’t made any for the shop yet – as I cut them all by hand they are very time consuming, so the price would be up around AU$250 a pair. Let me know if you would like me to make you some!



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