My name is Ruthie, and I live in Brisbane, Australia. I’ve been silversmithing since 2005. My passion is making comfortable, luxurious jewellery for people to enjoy every day.

I have a never ending love affair with colour. I love natural substances, so silver and stone and glass and wood all appeal to me greatly. I love science, nature, and finding out what makes the world go round. (Love does, of course, but the scientific natural stuff too!) I love finding quirky strange fantastical mind-expanding things. I love art for art’s sake, and primarily wearable, touchable art. Most of all, I love to go down to my workshop and create silver jewellery. I love the whole process, encompassing all kinds of aspects, from daydreaming, art drawing, design; to the more physical metal preparation, sawing, filing, emerying, soldering, hammering, bending – all of the delicate yet robust physical procedures from which shininess and beauty come. I love being able to share that beauty with others.

I believe in leaving a minimal eco-footprint, kindness as religion, and occasionally turning the music up to 11. I love my family, and I love visiting the sea, Lego, reading police procedural fiction, and practicing my circus skills.

My great-great-great grandfather, my great-great uncle and my great-grandfather were blacksmiths, so I like to think that I’m carrying on the family smithing tradition in a small way!

The Silver Forge came about as a natural progression from my study of silversmithing, which prompted me to share my creations as a business. All my pieces are made entirely by hand using traditional methods and hand tools in my own studio at home.  Each piece starts life as a throw of silver, which is turned into either sheet or wire by rolling and/or drawing.  From there, anything is possible. I look forward to making your world a more beautiful place! You can contact me here.